About us


LGA is an importing and distribution company of cigars, tobacco, pipes and accessories in Macedonia. With an established knowledge from NM Arrigo, a company that has over 30 years of experience in the cigar industry, LGA comes with a lot to offer, inform and educate in its field of expertise.

Cigars us

LGA is a company that corresponds to style and luxury that addresses to a niche group of cigar lovers with classy and luxurious life style.

Our strive is to detect each refined customers' taste, hence we offer best quality products and cigars. The service and quality of products we provide, meets the specific needs of our customers. We are highly committed to our staff and strictly obey work ethnic related to business operations, communication and behaviour.

The products are available at LGA store in the centre of Skopje and in the most recognisable bars and restaurants in the country.